WOD 1.5.1 resubmitted; converting to CSV

I’ve just replaced the binary for WOD 1.5.1, to also include a fix for an odd little bug in UIDatePicker that was introduced because I built the newest release of WOD with the iOS 4 SDK (Xcode 3.2.3). This will delay the release of 1.5.1, since it went to the back of the app approval line, but I wanted to get this fix out as quickly as possible, and waiting for 1.5.1 to be approved and then submitting a 1.5.2 binary would take too long.

Also, I’m working on some web services for WOD. The first one is a JSON to CSV converter, which takes logs and records exported from the app and converts them to comma-separated values, which you can import into programs like Excel. This is really only the beginning of the things I have planned for web services around WOD — stay tuned.

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